Open Research Topics

Below is a list of open research topics that we have identified in our supply chain database and intend to investigate. We'd love to hear your suggestions for additional points of interest; get in touch here with your ideas.

This is an evolving list, and will be updated periodically.

  • Vishay Intertechnology is listed in almost 30 locations in Apple's supply chain in 2013; they had fully dropped off by 2019. What happened?
  • PCH International is listed in 7 locations in Apple's supply chain in 2014, the year that Apple acquired Beats Headphones; that dropped to zero in 2018. It has been rumored that Beats was PCH's primary contact, and that PCH was slowly replaced as Beats was subsumed by their new parent.
  • In 2011, the Thai hard drive industry was crippled by flooding around Bang Pa-In. The solid state storage industry was waiting for just this kind of event, and subsequent spinning disk shortages spurred SSDs into wide adoption. Can this transition be seen in the supply chains of major electronics manufacturers?
  • Hirose Electric has had a presence in Apple's supply chain for every year except 2014. Why is this?